Kopaonik is the largest mountain in Serbia, a national reserve, one of the most popular winter resorts in Serbia.
It hosts international competitions in alpine skiing, which indicates a high level of technical equipment and quality of the tracks. The resort provides conditions for skiers of varying level skills, from beginners to professionals.

Ski holidays in the largest resort in Eastern Europe

European ski resorts are becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination among our compatriots. Moreover, today, among the variety of ski resorts, you can choose not only those located in the familiar Alps. One of the best ski resorts – Kopaonik – offers a wonderful ski holiday. Ski holidays in Kopaonik are popular since the early 1900s. For many decades, Kopaonik has been the largest resort in the region. It is easy to pick up trails of any difficulty level. This is not surprising, since Kopaonik is one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe. Its length is over 100 kilometers.

Weather in Kopaonik

In these places the climate is very suitable for tourists. Moreover, it is favorable at any time of the year. During the warmer months, it is moderately warm and not hot. Such weather simply invites you to walk along the picturesque slopes of the Kopaonik mountains. The air of the resort is very good for health. The average temperature in the cold season is -8 degrees Celsius. The snow cover is formed already in November and stays until the beginning of April. Its height is around 1.2 meters.

Ski slopes in Kopaonik

The total length of the slopes of Kopaonik is 55 kilometers. More than 100 snow cannons cover 90% of the slopes. Among the tracks there are 11 “green”, designed for those who have just started skiing or simply do not like to take risks. On the “green” slopes there are ski schools for beginners and children 7-10 years old. In such schools, classes are conducted by professional instructors with many years of experience and an international certificate.

Experienced  skiers try their hand at 7 “red” ski slopes and 4 “black” slopes. In addition, on the slopes of the Kopaonik mountain there are 3 specialized ski slopes for snowboarding, downhill skiing, giant slalom, super giant slalom.

The tracks are serviced by 24 lifts at once. Including 4 lifts for children.

The length of the longest route is 3.5 kilometers. For = half a kilometer you can ski at night, the “Small Lake” track is lighten at night.

Kopaonik offers exceptional conditions not only for ski holidays, but also has a snowboard park equipped with numerous national and international competitions, an ice rink within the Konatsi apartments complex, as well as a dedicated area for sleds, which is located near Grand Hotel.

Kopaonik Hotels

Such a large resort allows you to find an option to your taste and affordable for almost every fan of a ski holiday. In Kopaonik, you can find a secluded hotel, which is good for a romantic trip or just a break from hard work. You can also find many hotels in which noisy and cheerful nightlife is in full swing. Like many other ski resorts, Kopaonik offers the opportunity to take a break from skiing in a variety of cafes and restaurants. Kopaonik hotels are modern, adapted for the most comfortable stay. Kopaonik’s hotels fully live up to its reputation as a famous ski resort in Europe. Swimming pools and gyms, restaurants of national and European cuisine, discos and nightclubs allow everyone to find something to their liking. For children there are rides and children’s discos. Experienced trainers will teach your child to ski, and animators will look after them and not let them get bored.

Attractions of Kopaonik

Just a few people can go on a ski vacation and spend all time on the ski slopes. Kopaonik offers tourists a numerous  excursion program. Right next to the resort is one of the most famous national parks in Europe. Here you can see plants and animals that have long disappeared in the more civilized regions of the continent.

Kopaonik is an ancient Slavic center and als ancient center of Christian culture. When you are there, you should  leave your skiing for at least a day and visit the ancient temples and monasteries located in the area, including the UNESCO-listed Studenica monastery with the shrine of St. Stephen the First Crowned or the ancient monastery of Zica.

Kopaonik in numbers:

  • Kopaonik is located 290 km south of Belgrade.
  • The number of sunny days in a year is – 200.
  • The tourist season lasts 150 days.
  • The thickness of the snow cover, from December to March, averages 120 cm.
  • The height of the ski center is – 1770 m
  • Peak height – 2017 m
  • The total length of the tracks is – 60 km
  • Number of lifts – 24
  • Children’s lifts – 4
  • Number of easy tracks – 11
  • Number of tracks of medium difficulty – 7
  • Number of difficult tracks – 4
  • Ski tracks – 18
  • The lowest point of the ski area – 1100 m
  • The highest point of the ski area – 1970 m
  • Maximum elevation difference – 512 m
  • The longest route is – 3,5 km
  • Night track “Little Lake” – 450 m