Departure from Belgrade to Novi Sad, travel time is about 1 hour. Upon arrival – a walk through the pedestrian zone of the city along the streets of King Alexander, Laza Teleckog Svetozar Miletic, Nikola Pasic, Danube and Zmaj Yova, visiting the Serbian National Theater and Theater Square, Freedom Square, the Church of Mary and the City House, Little Square, the Cathedral , Nicholas Church, Danube Park …

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is an ancient and amazing city in Serbia. Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, but the first in terms of the number of museums and attractions. Only here, on one bank of the Danube, a white-stone medieval fortified city rises majestically, and on the other bank, as if in competition, modern high-rise buildings rise up. Here, as nowhere else in the world, everyone feels the change of eras and the mysterious romance of the Middle Ages.

The symbol of the city is the ancient Petrovaradin Fortress, which several centuries ago served to defend the Habsburg Empire from the Turkish invasion, and today has become a venue for one of the most important music festivals in Europe – Exit. The Petrovaradin fortress is unique in that it covers an area of ​​112 hectares, and under it there are tunnels, a kind of labyrinths on 4 levels. This fortress is on the list of cultural and historical sites of special importance and is considered an architectural masterpiece.

Sremski Karlovci

Then transfer to the town of Sremski Karlovci – the cultural, educated and religious center of Serbia. Visit to a wine cellar with wine tasting. The tour continues through the center of Sremski Karlovci.

Inspection of the fountain “Four Lions”, the first Serbian gymnasium “Karlovatskaya”, the Patriarchal Court, the building of theology, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the house of the Russian General Wrangel and his monument, as well as the monument of the great Serb in Russian history and the first adviser to Peter the Great – Savva Lukich Raguzinsky …

Fruška Gora

Departure towards Fruška Gora. Visiting the monasteries of 2-3 monasteries (Grgetek, Krushedol, Hopovo).

Fruška Gora is located 15 km from Novi Sad. This mountain attracts with the harmony of natural beauty and rich history. Since the late Middle Ages, the dense forests of Fruška Gora, protected by the mighty Danube River, have been a “refuge” for Serbian spirituality, culture and art. Due to the impressive complex of Serbian medieval monasteries, stunning beauty and invaluable spiritual significance, Fruška Gora is often compared to the Holy Mountain. Here, Serbian monasteries were the guardians of religion, traditions and customs, as well as a unique monument of the artistic creativity of Serbia in the Middle Ages.

Duration 5-6 hours

Excursion cost:
Car (1-3 people) – 225 euros
Minivan (up to 6 people) – 265 euros
Minibus (up to 17 people) – 305 euros

Additional coasts:
– Entrance tickets 5 euros per person
– buying souvenirs
– wine tasting in the Kovacevic wine cellar – approximately 10 euros per person
– purchase of wine – 0.75l bottles – from 7-15 euros per bottle
– lunch at the Sidro restaurant, Beshka – about 20 euros per person with drinks.