Arandjelovac is a city in Serbia with about 25,000 inhabitants. Located in Šumadija, at the bottom of the Bukulja and Venčac mountains, 76 km south of Belgrade.

The city of Arandjelovac is young by Serbian standards. The basis of the city was the village of Vrbica, as well as the village of Bukovik. Here is the Bukovicka Banya resort, which was often visited by Prince Milos.


In 1858, prince Miloš decided to build a church in Vrbica and dedicate it to the Holy Archangel Gabriel, and form a city from parts of the villages of Vrbica and Bukovik, which he gave the name Arandjelovac (“City of the Archangel”).

The Arandjelovites were considered loyal to the Obrenović dynasty and reluctantly accepted the change of royal dynasty in 1903.