The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, located at the confluence of two rivers – the Sava and the Danube, is one of the oldest European cities, dating back to the 3rd century BC.

Fortress Kalemegdan
the heart of the city, its oldest part, built at the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube. Destroyed, razed to the ground “white city” – one of the oldest in Europe. But its stone glory – the fortress of Kalemegdan – still stands untouched.

Knez Mihajlova Street
the main pedestrian street of Belgrade. Placed on the list of monuments of exceptional importance of the Republic of Serbia, most of the buildings are of architectural importance, since they were built in 1870. Large shopping area of ​​Belgrade.

Republic Square
one of the main squares in Belgrade. The monument to Mikhail Obrenovich was erected in 1882. It depicts the prince on horseback and facing south. The pedestal depicts cities abandoned by the Turks and scenes from Serbian history.

Teraziye Square
the central square and the microdistrict of the same name in Belgrade, is located in the oldest part of Belgrade. Terazije Square is a favorite meeting place for Belgrade residents, their walks and dates. Theaters, museums, monuments are located in the area of ​​the square, the most famous is the monument to Prince Mikhailo, sitting on a bronze horse.

Parliament building
the place where the highest legislative and constitutional body of the country sits. It is located in the heart of Belgrade. Construction began in 1907, when the first stone during the construction was laid in the presence of the Serbian king Peter the Great Karageorgievich. The building of the Parliament was built for almost three decades – turbulent events in the historical and political sphere of Serbia had a significant impact on the delay in the construction of the building.

The cost of a walking tour of Belgrade*:
Group from 2 to 10 people – 70 euros

The price includes: Visiting the Kalemegdan fortress, st. Prince Michael, Republic Square, Teraziye Square, inspection of the parliament building, Student Square. Duration – 2 hours (without entrance to museums and galleries).