Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities. The ancient walls of the city have seen Goths and Franks, Celts and Romans, Slavs and Turks. A great mixture of Eastern and Western cultures creates the unique charm of modern Belgrade. Modern Belgrade locate castles, palaces, medieval fortresses close to modern buildings and shopping centers.

Guests are offered the best and most beautiful of what the city has to offer. Belgrade is an unsolved mystery in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. People come here for exciting and unforgettable memories with unique and mysterious atmosphere of the interpenetration of Europe and Asia reigns.

Amazing, mysterious, multicultural – all this is, the great and ancient Belgrade.

You can comfortably accommodate in the amazing Belgrade, the hotels offer high quality service and comfort, and the attention of the staff will put you in a long stay. People come here to admire the sights, but leave with the feeling that they have discovered a wonderful place to relax.

The R-Tours company has been providing a full-fledged reception in Belgrade and other cities of Serbia for many years. We organize business trips and holidays in the cities of this wonderful hospitable country.

We offer:

  • Booking hotels in Belgrade, as well as in the most popular resorts in Serbia. The booking service is free. All hotels are on request.
  • Transport service: meeting at the airport, we will provide any transport for a trip around the city.
  • Excursions in Belgrade and Vojvodina.