Magic mountain

Location: Mount Zlatibor is located 230 km south of Belgrade and 309 km from the Adriatic coast, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. The advantage of Zlatibor is that it is located near transport routes, and therefore getting to it is easy and simple. Zlatibor is a wonderful mountain with beautiful landscapes, coniferous forests and numerous meandering streams.

Climate: temperate continental with elements of submountain. The peculiarity of the climate is the combination of mountain and sea air. The number of sunny days in a year is 200.

Natural healing factors

Natural healing factors:
clean air enriched with ozone, favorable atmospheric pressure, enriched ultraviolet radiation, mineral springs, medicinal plants.

Medical indications:

  • thyroid disease
  • metabolic disorders
  • anemia
  • and mental exhaustion
  • damage to the locomotor system

Special programs:

  • beauty and weight loss program
  • “CHIGOTA”: anthropometric measurement, biochemical diagnostics, low-calorie nutrition, exercise, swimming, brisk walking, familiarization with the importance of healthy eating and recreation.
  • treatment and active recreation program for flight personnel

Ski Resort

Ski Resort Tornik:
It is located 9 km from the center of Zlatibor and is equipped with a modern chair lift for 3000 people per hour and offers 4 wide ski slopes. The starting station is located at an altitude of 1100 m, ascent up to 1496 m (Tornik).

Resort information:

  • Altitude 1496 m
  • 8 km of slopes for skiing
  • Number of blue runs – 3
  • The longest track is 2500 m
  • Elevation difference – 396 m

The center of Zlatibor has all the necessary infrastructure for recreation and winter sports, including cross-country skiing trails, rental shops for ski equipment, snowmobiles, snowboards, sleds and other ski equipment. Children’s lifts are in operation.

Excursions from Zlatibor

Sirogojno + Stopicka cave + waterfall
“Old Village” is an ethnographic museum of wooden architecture that illustrates the culture and way of life in local villages of the past centuries. You will also visit one of the most beautiful natural sights of Serbia – the Stopića Cave and the Gostilje Waterfall.

“Shargan Osmitsa” + Mokra Gora
Part of the narrow railway between the cities of Uzhice and Visegrad. There are a large number of bridges and 19 tunnels on this railway, the longest of which is Shargan 1660.80 m. In terms of the number of bridges, the Sargan railway is the only one in Europe. Visit Mecavnik – the famous city of Emir Kusturica.

Milesev Monastery + El Paso City + Mount Zlatar
The famous ancient monastery with the White Angel fresco is one of the greatest masterpieces of Serbian culture. El Paso City Theme Park with a recreated cowboy town, Indian settlement and Serbian village.

Tara National Park + Racha Monastery
You will visit real natural beauties – dense coniferous forests, river canyons and see the famous hermit’s house on a stone on the Drina River. Visit the ancient monastery of Racha, surrounded by majestic forests near the town of Bajina Basta.

River Uvac
Postcard landscapes of a winding river incredibly emerald color – the calling card of the region and the flight of beautiful majestic Griffon Vultures – you will see all this on this unforgettable trip.