Serbian resorts have a very rich and long history, they have been known even to the Romans (Vrnjacka Banja, Nishka Banja, Zvornik Banja, Vojvodina region).

It is believed that the Romans used the mineral waters of the Gamzigrad Bath 2000 years ago. On this area Romans built pools, wells for the rehabilitation and recovery of legionnaires, which collected many healing sources of mineral water.

After the Romans, the fame of the healing springs of Serbia spread throughout the world; this is truly the richest region in Europe with healing springs.

It is believed that Serbia owns the largest number of mineral lakes in Europe. There are more than 1000 mineral water springs, which are presented in 40 resorts.

Mineral thermal springs, recreation centers and health centers are located throughout the country, each with its own set of minerals and specific geographical conditions. The true wealth of Serbia is the variety of mineral and thermal springs.

Resort places are surrounded by natural beauty and are in the center of cultural and historical heritage. All places are suitable for tourism, and are able to receive guests both in summer and in winter.

Sanatorium-and-spa treatment is provided by the use of modern methods of treatment and the use of natural factors. Spa treatments are ideal for all types of disease prevention, and will also help you restore your physical condition, mental balance, get you in great physical shape and give you a fresh and well-being appearance.

Thanks to its healing properties, the elasticity of the skin is restored and it helps to relax the muscles that are in good shape. Therapy and recovery is carried out under the supervision of experienced medical staff.

Most resorts in Serbia have a mild climate and an ecologically clean environment. The resorts are mainly located at the bottom of the mountains or in the lowlands of the valleys, surrounded by forests, pastures and orchards. Mountain resorts are protected from strong winds. Beautiful natural landscapes complement numerous parks and places for walking, modern living quarters, sports grounds, swimming pools – contribute to improving health.

At the Serbian resorts you will receive European service and high-quality medicine and the attentive attitude of doctors