Fortress Kalemegdan

The Kalemegdan Fortress is the heart of the city, its oldest part, built at the confluence of the Sava River into the Danube. Destroyed, razed to the ground “white city” – one of the oldest in Europe. But its stone glory, the fortress of Kalemegdan, still stands untouched.

Knez Mihajlova Street

Knez Mihail Street is the main pedestrian street in Belgrade. Placed on the list of monuments of exceptional importance of the Republic of Serbia, most of the buildings are of architectural importance, since they were built in 1870. Large shopping area of ​​Belgrade.

Republic Square

Republic Square is one of the main squares in Belgrade. The monument to Mikhail Obrenovich was erected in 1882. It depicts the prince on horseback and facing south. The pedestal depicts cities left by the Ottomans and scenes from Serbian history.

Teraziye Square

Terazije Square is the central square and the microdistrict of the same name in Belgrade, located in the oldest part of Belgrade. Terazije Square is a favorite meeting place for Belgrade residents, their walks and dates. Theaters, museums, monuments are located in the area of ​​the square, the most famous is the monument to Prince Mikhailo, sitting on a bronze horse.

Temple of Saint Sava

The Temple of St. Sava is a temple of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the main throne of which is consecrated in honor of the first Serbian archbishop and national hero of Serbia, St. Sava (1175-1236). One of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.


Dedinje is an elite residential area, the most prestigious, expensive and beautiful in Belgrade. The area is distinguished by its distinctiveness and strength of architecture, pleasant and functional oasis, nature and parks, private villas and modern, spacious offices. Of the four royal palaces, two are located in Dedinja – this is the “Royal” and “White”.

Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of the Holy Trinity is a temple of the Russian Orthodox Church in Belgrade. The Russian church is located in close proximity to the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Marko in Tashmaydansky Park. The church was built in 1924 by White Guard emigrants in Belgrade, who arrived after the October Revolution, and also thanks to the financial assistance of the Serbian government and the Karageorgievich family.

Church of Saint Mark

Church of St. Marko – built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. According to its construction solution, the temple resembles the architecture of the Gracanitsa monastery. The church houses one of the richest collections of Serbian icons from the 18th-19th centuries.

Tashmaydan Park

Tashmaydan Park – the word “tashmaydan” in Turkish means a quarry, a stone field, and therefore the whole area, with a quarry, was called Tashmaydan.
Tashmaydan is arranged as a city park, in the lower part of which there is a sports and entertainment center.

Nemanjina street

Nemanjina Street – Numerous administrative buildings are located on this street. The street was named in 1896 in honor of Stefan Nemanja. Stefan Nemanya (1114-1200) – Grand Duke, founder of the Nemanjić dynasty.

Collegiate Church

Collegiate Church – a new cathedral church erected on behalf of Prince Milos Obrenovic, in the period from 1837 to 1840, in the style of classicism, with elements of baroque. Of particular value is the church sacristy, which houses old icons and richly decorated jewelry.

The cost of excursions in euros (without entrance to museums and galleries):
Car (1-3 people) – 155 euro
Minivan (up to 6 people) – 185 euro
Minibus (up to 17 people) – 205 euro

At extra charge:
– buying souvenirs
– lunch – we recommend you some restaurants where you can have a delicious meal: “Kalemegdanska Terasa”, “Franche”, “Mali Paris”.

Included in the price:

Sightseeing tour of the city of Belgrade – car + walking.

Lasts about 3 hours, by car with stops for sightseeing – Kalemegdan Fortress, Knyaz Michael Street, Republic Square, Teraziye Square, St. Sava Temple, Dedinje, Holy Trinity Church – Russian Orthodox Church, St. Marko Church, Tashmaydan Park, Nemanina Street , Cathedral Church.

Duration: 3 hours (without entrance to museums and galleries).