Stara Planina is the  highest and most beautiful mountain in eastern Serbia, part of the Carpathian Massif, a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria with the highest mountain top in the country, Midzhor, 2169 meters above sea level. The untouched beauty of the mountainous region is so striking that Stara Planina deservedly ranks among the most upscale tourist areas not only in Serbia, but throughout the world.

Snow on the slopes of the mountains lies for about five months, which makes it possible to build long routes for alpine skiing. The mountain tops of Stara Planina are reserved natural reservoirs.

1195 plant species grow on Stara Planina – wild fruit trees, plants, among which more than 50 are on the list of rare species in Europe. More than 30 species of mammals and about 200 species of birds live here, but it is better known for its autochthonous breeds of domestic animals – sheep, goats and cattle, which have adapted to life in high mountain pastures.

Treasure of national tradition

Stara Planina is also a treasure of folk tradition, which is taken care of by the Izvor (Source) Society from Knjaževac. It is mainly about folklore and handmade crafts. This region is famous for the skill of knitters who knit woolen products, which are distinguished by a variety of ornaments and richness of color. In the studies of ethnologists, 734 ornaments were described.

The Izvor Society also saves from oblivion the recipes of many folk dishes of shepherds from Stara Planina. The most famous local folk dish is “Belmuzh”, which is made from cornmeal and cottage cheese. It is interesting that it is baked like bread and has a unique taste and aroma, like all food prepared from products from Stara Planina, which is also called the “roof of Serbia”.


First attraction is Church of the Holy Mother of God (first half of the 14th century), located in the village of Donya Kamenica, 15 km southeast of the town of Knjazhevac. This church is the most original and valuable artistic monument, a vivid example of Moravian architecture – a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Second one is Holy Trinity Monastery, located between Upper and Lower Kamenica, 17 kilometers from Knjazhevac. It was founded by the Serbian prince Lazar (1454). The monastery church was built in the Serbo-Moravian style and has a modest size. The monastery is active, the nuns make icons and other items related to the Orthodox religion. The monastery is famous for its ancient library.

Based on the archaeological excavations of the region, here is formed a unique collection of ethnic monuments, there are archaeological excavations that date back to the first century AD. On the territory of the ancient Roman settlement and the camp of Roman legionnaires (third and fourth centuries), were found dozens of Roman monuments, royal badges, numerous objects made of ancient bronze and marble sculptures, bas-reliefs and other objects of high artistic value.

The Knjaževac region and its surroundings have been renowned for their exceptional wines for many years, and winemakers have received numerous awards in Serbia and abroad.Here you can find  ethno – archaeological park, represented by the old school and the ethno house, with basement which was turned into a museum of wine.

On the eastern slopes of Stara Planina there is a hunting farm, compound of  three hunting fields.

Ski resort Stara Planina

The Stara Planina ski resort is just  at the beginning of its development, but a lot has already been accomplished. You can climb to the observation deck and the top of Jabučko ravnište in the first gondola lift in Serbia – eight seats. The resort has launched a new four-seat lift to the top of Babin Zub.

The ski center is located at an altitude of 1723 m above sea level. The maximum elevation difference is 495 meters, and the longest track is 1155 meters. The capacity of the gondola lift is 2,400 skiers per hour in 40 cabins, while the four-seater chairlift carries another 2,400 skiers per hour. Artificial snowis also produced  on more than 4 km of the 13 km of slopes, so you can easily ski in the absence of natural snow. The ski school with ski equipment rental is open all season.

Further development of the lifts system  and ski slopes, the infrastructure of the Stara Planina resort will quickly make it one of the largest and most interesting ski centers in Serbia for sport lovers and quality skiing in an area of ​​indescribable beauty and untouched nature.