Kolasin is a small resort town located at an altitude of 954 meters above sea level. This “air spa resort” is surrounded in the north by the Tara River, in the south by the Moracha River and is located between the mountains Belasitsa, Sinyaevina, Vuchya and Klyutsa. Population around 4,500 local residents . Recently, Kolasin has become popular among tourists. In summer, the cozy town becomes a popular balneological and air resort. Ski tours in Kolasin are popular during the winter season. The resort is developing dynamically and now can be a great alternative to Western Europe.

If you love skiing, clean air and magnificent natural landscapes – this winter you just need to go to one of the most famous, popular and at the same time very intimate ski resorts – Montenegrin Kolasin.

History of Kolasin 

Kolasin is lost high in the mountains. A settlement of the Slavs was founded here already in the early Middle Ages. The fertile lands of Kolasin, reliably protected from winds and cold by mountain “walls”, have been the cause of controversy for centuries. The city-fortress, reliably protecting mountain passes and approaches to the sea, was founded in 1652 by the Turks, who owned these lands. Kolasin became part of Montenegro only at the end of the 19th century and almost immediately became a popular resort.


One of the most striking sights of Kolasin is the Biograd Biosphere Reserve. Nature here is preserved and  untouched. Biogradsko Lake is the cleanest and largest alpine lake in Europe. Its shores are entwined with numerous picturesque paths, for long, beautiful  walks at any time of the year. The clean air of the Biograd Biosphere Reserve is the best cure for many diseases.

In the mountains near Kolasin, one of the oldest monasteries in Europe, the Moraca Monastery, was founded in the 13th century. Next to it is one of the oldest Christian churches in the region – the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, built in 1252.

Kalasin apress ski

In the first minutes of acquaintance, Kolasin strikes with comfort and intimacy. This is especially clear to those who come to the ski resort in the morning. Tourists can’t even believe that there can be secular night life here. This first impression is wrong. Kolasin is a secular resort. There are many cafes and restaurants of various price levels. There are two well-known nightclubs in Europe – “Select” and “66”. At the same time, it is easy to find cozy hotels lost on the slopes in Kolasin, where it is convenient to enjoy silence and loneliness.

Ski slopes

This winter, you should definitely try out the ski slopes in Montenegro and discover a new winter route!

The Kolasin 1450 resort surpasses many ski resorts in the world in terms of the length and well-groomed slopes. Their total length is 16.5 km. Ski slopes are located just 8.5 kilometers from the city of Kolasin. Specialized tourist buses depart to them during daylight hours. Ski slopes are snowy, with good and dense snow cover. But just in case, the resort is equipped with equipment for the production of artificial snow, which allows skiing from December to mid-April.

Like many other modern European ski resorts, Kolasin has illuminated slopes,for night skiing. Beginners have the opportunity to seek the help of a professional instructor. Highly qualified professionals with international experience work on the Kolasin slopes. If you have not brought skis and ski equipment with you, you can always rent them directly at the ski resort.

The modern Kolasin 1450 is a completely reconstructed center offering to its customers: a service center with ski equipment rental (including snowmobile and ATV rental), completely reconstructed Ezerine and Kljuc ski lifts, as well as a new six-seater cable car Vilina Voda, an illuminated night skiing track .

The trails are regularly serviced by special snow-compacting machines – snowcats. There are two restaurants of national cuisine with a large fireplace, during the daytime an open terrace is at guests’ disposal. Compliance with international FIS standards allows holding high-level competitions.

The new ski resort Kolašin 1600 opened in 2020 with black, red and blue slopes, as well as children’s slides. The maximum length of the route is 10.5 km. Wi-Fi is available on the territory of the ski center, a ski school for children and adults. There is a restaurant with an open terrace where all products are grown in Kolasin’s households (slanting, smoked meats, meat and cheese products) and are used to prepare Eco dishes. There are no snow cannons on the territory of the resort – only natural snow, and the skiing season usually starts on December 15th. A modern cable car will take you to the highest point of the resort – 2035 m, with beautiful panoramic views of the mountain ranges of the Prokletiye National Park.

The resort is located 91 km from Podgorica, 12 km from the Kolasin resort and 2.5 km from the ski center Kolasin 1450.

SKI PASS Children 5-12 years old Adult Deposit per card
One day 11 15 0
2 day 22 30 5
3 day 33 45 9
4 day 44 60 13
5 day 50 70 16
6 day 60 84 18
7 day 70 98 20
8 day 80 112 23
9 day 81 117 26
10 day 90 130 29

The deposit for the card is returned at the end of the term at the point of sale.
Children under 5 and seniors over 75 years – SKI  PASS  free of charge.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days + Day
Economy class set 13 22 32 41 51 60 10