• Upon arrival in Montenegro, tourists are met at the airport by the guides of the R-TOURS company with the sign of the same name, accompanying them to the hotel.
  • The first informational meeting with the representative takes place at the hotel/villa on the day of arrival in the evening. The exact time of the info-meeting is indicated in the welcome letter that tourists receive upon check-in to the room.
  • Representatives of the company “R-TOURS” are on duty every day in all hotels and villas where tourists are accommodated.
  • We kindly ask all tourists: for all questions, contact only the representatives of the company “R-TOURS” during the info-meeting or by calling the phone number indicated in the welcome letter, as well as on the website or on the info-stands, info-folders located at the hotel reception/villas.
  • The company “R-TOURS”, which is DMC company in Montenegro, is responsible for services (transfers, excursions, rental cars, yachts, etc.) purchased only from its representatives.

We ask tourists to behave  with the requirements of hotel administrations, carriers, consular, border, customs and other institutions, as well as behave with legal norms and respect the social structure, traditions, customs and religious principles of the Montenegro, and also not endanger the state of the natural environment, nature, monuments of history and culture.

Please note that according to international rules, it is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks into the hotel. This does not apply to apartments where meals are not provided.

Check-in and check-out time

The check-out time in each hotel is different: 10:00, 11:00 or 12:00. It is better to find out before leaving at the reception or representatives. Check-in time in the room is 14:00, because it takes time to clean the room. Upon check-in, hotels provide the type of room indicated in the voucher, but do not guarantee accommodation in a specific building, rooms, on a specific floor, etc. Such requests are satisfied by the hotel administration if it is possible. Please treat this with understanding.

The hotel has the right to demand that the room be vacated at the set hour, even if the tourists leave on an evening flight. Luggage until departure can be left in a special room. If guests want to stay in the room for some more time, it is necessary to pay the amount indicated by the administration to the reception, but this is possible if the hotel has available rooms.

Safety of valuables and luggage

We recommend keeping money and valuables in safes installed in the room or at the reception, and please do not forget luggage in the bus salons. The bus fleet is very large and it will be almost impossible to find the loss. It is better to check the availability of suitcases in the luggage compartment of the bus upon departure. We are not responsible in case of loss of money or things.

Budva Riviera Restaurants

Montenegro is famous among tourists for its national cuisine – it is tasty, healthy, and most importantly, not expensive, with large portions that are usually served in local restaurants. The main advantage of Montenegrin dishes is the environmental friendliness of local products – vegetables, meat, milk and seafood – everything is grown on nearby farms in the most natural conditions. If you choose to rest  at any of the resorts on the coast, you will have to try most of the traditional dishes and find a place to your liking, and we, in turn, want to recommend the most popular restaurant on the Budva Riviera, from which you can start your acquaintance with Montenegrin cuisine. These are the restaurants where we usually serve meals to our guests and organized groups.