Banya Kaniza is a natural healing resort in the north of one of the regions of the Republic of Serbia – Bachka. It is located in a beautiful place in the bend of the Tisa River, just fifteen kilometers from the Serbian-Hungarian border and at a distance of 220 kilometers from the capital of Serbia – Belgrade.

During the century of its existence, the Kaniza resort has turned into a modern place for rehabilitation. Favorable conditions have been created here for those who need peace, rest, prevention and recuperation after illness or injury, as well as for people who need medical rehabilitation, including healthy natural healing waters and mud. The rehabilitation department is equipped with modern medical equipment.

Kaniza Resort

Bathing in the mineral waters of the resort is also beneficial for a healthy person, and especially for those visitors who have health problems. Three artesian springs, including two with alkaline waters (27-51 degrees Celsius) and one with water containing sodium sulfate with hydrocarbons (64-78 degrees Celsius), are extremely beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism.

The wellness center offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, hotel services, sports and recreational activities and health improvement programs.

Rehabilitation is provided for those suffering from inflammatory or degenerative rheumatism, disorders after injuries of the musculoskeletal system and spine (together with surgery), and for those suffering from disorders of the central nervous system, as well as for the rehabilitation of children.

The healing process in the center is controlled by highly qualified specialists who combine the science of world traditional medicine with natural healing factors, including the use of mineral waters and therapeutic mud. Hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, mud therapy, kinesitherapy and manual massage are used here.

Additional Information

Visitors to the Banja Kanizsa resort can visit the Palic and Ludosh lakes (near the town of Subotica) or the world-famous Zobnatica stud farm, where you can ride thoroughbred horses.

Every year in June, the Tisa River “blooms”. We are talking about the fact that at this time a huge number of insects appear above the water and this phenomenon is called the “Tisa Bloom”. Their lifespan is only a few hours. The phenomenon is so impressive that even in the park of the Kaniza resort a monument was erected under the name “Tisa Bloom”.

In the summer, various festivals are held here, including Days of Fishermen, Poti Games (theatrical and folklore festival), an international jazz festival and a literary plein air.

Visitors can pick up a horse for riding or take a boat ride on the Tisza River. Tisza in general is a paradise for fishermen, so good prey is guaranteed. Swimming and tennis lessons are organized here.

At your disposal are swimming pools, football fields, tracks for athletic disciplines, for running and other sports activities.