Sutomore is a resort town in Montenegro, located between the Petrovac and Bar. The resort is known for its wonderful sand and pebble beaches of more than 2.5 km long.

The small resort town of Sutomore in Montenegro is a vivid example of a modest and cozy place where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Sutomore is one of those cities in which calmness always reigns. The people here are very friendly and good  hosts.

The sea is the main attraction of the resort, seascape is breathtaking. In Sutomore, line between the sea and the sky is unique, there is no horizon line, you will experience the most beautiful horizon view  with 50 shades of blue. A lot of rocks and large stones are scattered near the coast, from which extreme sports lovers dive. But tourists should be careful. Firstly, it is not safe to swim under the stones, and second, many sea urchins live on them. Although on the other hand, their presence means the ecological purity of water. The sea in this part of Montenegro is surrounded  by the cleanest sand and pebble beach.

The main road in the resort area in the summer time (approximately from June 1 to September 15) is for pedestrians only. The promenade runs along the coast through the whole city, going directly to the sea. Here you can buy a lot of  of souvenirs, which are actively advertised by shopkeepers and sellers of numerous tents. There are also numerous cafes on the promenade. In 2019, city square was reconstructed.

Sutomore is one of the most economical holiday destinations on the Montenegrin coast.