Canj is a small resort located in the Bar municipality of Montenegro (the distance to Bar is about 15 kilometers).

The resort is located in the northern part of the Bar Riviera on the border with the municipality of Budva, not far from the resorts Petrovac and Sutomore. Canj is located away from the main highway on a calm area between two hills – Ostrovitsa and Veligrad, so the vacation here is unusually calm and safe.

In Canj resort  is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro – Pearl Beach (Biserna obala). It was named after unusual shape of the pebble, small pebbles with their appearance and white color looks a lot like  pearls. The beach is quite well equipped, there are even specially secured areas for children, so this place is convenient for the whole family.

Another advantage of the Canj resort is the surrounding of eucalyptus, cypress and pine trees. They bring a pleasant shade on a hot summer day, and also fill the surrounding air with useful essential oils, bromine and iodine compounds. This makes staying at the resort not only pleasant, but also beneficial for health.

In the resort, you can find many hotels and hotel apartments for everyone. Guests can also enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes.