We bring to your attention an exclusive holiday in the resort of Sveti Stefan, tours here are distinguished by special sophistication and respectability. Sveti Stefan is a resort on the coast, on a small hill, surrounded by lush vegetation. This is one of the most beautiful and prestigious resorts in Montenegro, also Montenegrin trademark.

Sveti Stefan is an amazing place. Once it was an ordinary fishing village, and now it is a unique deluxe hotel complex. This unique island hotel is connected to the coast by a narrow lane and is located 9 km from Budva. In the 15th century, a fortress was built to protect the population from pirate attacks and called it Sveti Stefan. From the outside, the ancient buildings have exactly the same appearance as in the past, but inside you will find modern and exclusive apartments. Opposite the island on the coast there is a resort of the same name with a unique sandy beach, cozy apartments and boutique hotels.

Sveti Stefan attracts tourists not only with its natural beauty, but also with the magnificent inner atmosphere written in medieval streets, which you inhale in every step, followed with peace and  calmness. The trademark of the resort is a unique small pebble beach with pink sand. We will help you choose hotels and apartments in such a heavenly place as Sveti Stefan, according to your taste and wishes.

If you want to have a comfortable rest, welcome to the Sveti Stefan resort, which is famous for its luxury and excellent service, it is no coincidence that such world stars as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Claudia Slate, Indira Gandhi, Sylvester Stallone, Bobby Fischer and many others choose Sveti Stefan for their vacation.

The famous resort with luxurious apartments and comfortable villas – Sveti Stefan is rightfully called a tourist Mecca. Come to the resort of Sveti Stefan, the rest here will overcome  your imagination!