Ribarska Banya is a well-known balneological resort and climatic station in Serbia. The resort is located 230 km from Belgrade on the slopes of the Jastrebats mountain range in a picturesque wooded area, at an altitude of 540m above sea level. The climate is foothill, mild, moderately humid, with cool summers and relatively warm winters. The resort has many sunny days and almost no winds. The resort and its surroundings are distinguished by exceptional air purity.

Thermal springs have been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the Roman Empire.
Since the time of Turkish rule, there has been a hamam (bath), which today, after restoration, has turned into a wonderful spa complex. A part of the ancient building has been preserved, organically integrated into the modern interior. The complex has an amphitheater where performances and musical programs take place.


  • All types of massage
  • Treatments with medicinal herbs, seaweed, wine, chocolate
  • Salt room
  • Sauna
  • Turkish bath (hamam)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Outdoor and indoor pool
  • Green bar

The name of the resort comes from the town of Ribare, and it, in turn, is named after the fishermen who caught trout of exceptional quality in mountain rivers. The fish was delivered to the court of Prince Lazar. Legends say that in general this resort was a favorite vacation spot for Prince Lazar and his family.

In 1834, at the behest of Prince Miloš Obrenović, an analysis of the healing water of the resort was carried out in Vienna. From that moment began the modern development of the resort. All the royal people of Serbia visited this resort. King Peter I Karađorđević especially loved him.

Until now, the stairs in the park have been preserved, designed in such a way that it would be easier for the king, who was ill with rheumatism, to climb them.

It was King Peter I Karadjordjevic at the end of the 19th century. awarded Ribarskaya Banya the title of Royal Spa. Now the health resort is under the patronage of Princess Elizabeth Karadzhorzhevich.

The first pavilions – medical buildings – were built before the First World War, and in the 60s a therapeutic block was built.

In the Ribarska Banya there are six springs of mineral water with a temperature of 38 to 42°C, belonging to the category of homeotherms and hypotherms, rich in macro- and microelements, primarily sulfur.

Many years ago, world-famous balneologists confirmed that the sulfurous springs of the Ribarsky Baths are comparable in quality to the springs of the French Pyrenees.

Medical indications

Medical indications:

Treatment is carried out at the Special Rehabilitation Hospital “Ribarska Banya”, the scientific base is the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade..

  • conditions after bone fracture and after operations on the bones
  • rheumatic diseases (inflammatory, degenerative, extra-articular)
  • joint contractures
  • spinal deformities
  • post-traumatic and postoperative paresis, nerve paresis
  • hemiplegia, hemiparesis

Treatment Methods

  • hydrotherapy (swimming in pools, local baths, underwater massages, whirlpools, pearl baths and galvanic jets)
  • kinesitherapy
  • electrotherapy (galvanization, diadynamic currents, interference currents, electrical stimulation, horizontal therapy)
  • physiotherapy
  • magnetotherapy
  • ultrasound
  • phototherapy (laser, IR lamps, Zepter lamps)
  • thermotherapy (peloid, paraffin)
  • health trails for walking, running and cycling