Project Description

Этнодеревня "Станишичи"

Ethnovillage “Stanisici”


The hotel is one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the former Yugoslavia.

  • Pavlovića put 32, Dvorovi 76300, Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • The simplicity, unpretentiousness and unhurriedness of peasant life is very attractive to modern people, whose life is full of stress, far from environmental friendliness and takes place at a frantic pace.


Travelers who come here may feel that they are out of time and space. The whole complex is a small cozy island where a quiet life reigns. Small wooden houses stand right in the middle of artificial ponds, in which beautiful white and black swans swim.

The ethnovillage “Stanisici” is located in the Republika Srpska in the north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far from the border with Serbia. This settlement was founded in 2003 thanks to the inspiration and efforts of Boris Stanisic. It was his love for dear old times that led to the idea of ​​creating a whole ethnographic complex. Boris Stanisic spent several years traveling through Serbian villages located in the central region of Bosnia, where he found many old houses and items of clothing, culture and life. The result of his search was the village “Stanisici”, located in the middle of the Sember plain.

All buildings are very neat, and the coastal strip of ponds and streams is lined with stones around the perimeter. You can ride a boat on the water surface. Interestingly, one of the boats in its structure imitates Noah’s Ark, as if symbolizing the special spiritual purity and sacred purpose of this place, which, according to the creators, brings healing to the soul, exhausted by worries. A beautiful mosaic adorns the observation deck.

In the middle of the emerald ponds there is a cafe with cozy wooden benches, sitting in which you can enjoy watching how swans and ducks swim on the water surface. Here you can taste delicious national dishes prepared according to old recipes from organic products. The path to the small wooden houses is paved with stones, and graceful wooden bridges are installed to pass through ponds and streams. The largest stone bridge in the village is an exact, miniature copy of the famous Cupriya Bridge in Sarajevo. A railway was laid through the entire ethnic settlement, along which a small steam locomotive with wagons for tourists travels.

On the territory of “Stanisici” there is a smithy, a granary and wooden houses with a high roof, which present expositions of antique furniture, everyday and festive clothes of peasants, household items and various utensils, as well as working tools used by artisans. There is also a shop where you can buy souvenirs.

The find of the ethnovillage was a functioning water mill built in 1937. Anyone can see how it works and find out how distant ancestors received flour. In addition to it, there is also a mill where they grind flour for delicious pancakes – a dish very popular in a local restaurant.

The spiritual center of the ethnic village is a functioning wooden temple with a very beautiful interior. Not far from it is a baptismal.

There is a monastic house nearby, where the monks serving in the temple live, so everyone can receive the Sacrament of Baptism right here, in this amazingly beautiful baptismal.

The ethnic settlement also has a stone amphitheater for holding cultural events in the open air, designed for 380 seats.

The creators of the ethnic settlement foresaw that it would be very difficult for a modern person to do without the usual amenities. Therefore, a comfortable hotel “Pirg” was built on the territory of “Stanisici”. The interior of the hotel is very refined, and in luxurious rooms the guests are offered all the necessary services: telephone, Internet access, safe, air conditioning, mini-bar. Guests will also enjoy a gym, a SPA center, a cafe with amazing views of the village, outdoor and indoor pools. The hotel has a conference hall with 100 seats, which makes it possible to hold here business seminars, congresses and conferences.

The ethnovillage “Stanisici” simply charm those who decide to visit it.