Project Description

Отель Radon 4*

Hotel Radon


Price per room with full board service + medical package Deluxe

  • Trg Republike, Niška Banja, Serbia
  • The Radon Hotel is part of the Nishka Banya Health and Wellness Institute, which specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. The Institute is equipped with modern medical equipment for treatment and diagnostics in the field of cardiology, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery.
    Radon is located 100 meters from the center of the resort next to the main walking street. To the city of Nis – 10 km, to the airport of Constantine the Great (Nish) – 16 km, from Belgrade – 265 km.

  • In addition to medical tourism, the resort has everything you need for sports and recreation. The Radan Hotel has its own therapeutic unit, wellness center, sports grounds, restaurants with traditional national cuisine. The surroundings of the resort offer a wide range of various excursions and outdoor activities.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner – according to the principle of a serving table.

Accommodation and treatments 

Deluxe medical package includes:

  • Full board accommodation;
  • Daily use of the wellness center (sauna, jacuzzi, massage);
  • Doctor’s checkup daily;
  • Electrocardiogram, laboratory tests, diet and drug therapy;
  • Swimming pool and underwater massage (or jacuzzi or pearl bath), two electrotherapy, therapeutic mud;
  • Kinesitherapy – group or individual classes (or bike or track).


Additional excursions are available:

  • The Sichevach Gorge is a beautiful canyon of the Nishava River, 17 km long, an ideal place for kayaking. Nearby there are about 30 churches and monasteries;
  • Jelashnitsa gorge with waterfalls and rich rare flora 15 km from Nis;
  • Mount Suva Planina 15 km from Nis – mountain peak 1810 m.